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Blatent Library Ad

Posted July 7, 2011 By Jandy

If you hear someone talking about their local library being free, here are some points by Carrie Straka in a post at the Tame the Web blog.

Libraries Aren’t Free

When you work at a library you are very aware of the costs it takes to keep it open. It’s good to remind the patrons that their tax money is working effectively.


Posted July 6, 2011 By Jandy

Did you know there’s a World eBook Fair going on now? It lasts until August 4th. I know some of my readers have Kindles or Nooks. You may want to check this out. They claim there is free access to 6.5 billion (yes, billion) books through Project Gutenberg and Internet Archive for the next month. I think we’ll have to check it out.

World eBook Fair Announcement

For you who are interested, I’ve started the conversion of my web site. It’s going to take a few (many?) months to get it all straightened out the way I want, but I’m plugging away at it.