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Depression and Poking Around

Posted March 31, 2011 By Jandy

There are places on the web that I’ve dropped out of this year (sorry, Reader’s Place). It’s not due to lack of interest. It’s due to my chronic depression sneaking in and taking over. When that happens I withdraw more into myself. I watch more television.

My therapist has helped me through a lot, including a divorce, earning a master’s degree, taking on a new job, and lots of other things over the past nine years. She’s seen me through the ups and downs of depression. She told me if I wasn’t careful I could end up like the frog in the cooking pot. I could escape, but don’t notice the heat of the water until it’s too late. Sigh, that means I gotta push myself again. So I’m finally blogging after about a 6 week absence. A week is fairly normal, but not this long.

I started poking around Blogger. Now I see some of the cool tricks my daughters have learned. For one, hopefully I can now avoid the spam comments. Last week I had casino comments on numerous posts that I’ve since deleted.

One of the things I’ve been considering is how to overhaul my static web site to make it interactive. That’s not a problem with the book reviews themselves. Instead, I haven’t made that intuitive jump needed on how to put together the grouping pages – authors starting with B, romantic suspense, or titles starting with N, for example.

Any suggestions? Meanwhile, I’m going to look again at WordPress and Drupal again. Perhaps Blogger has something that will work. I’ll have to see.