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Harry Dresden Earns Extra Income

Posted June 17, 2010 By Jandy

Have you ever perused E-Bay’s Weird Stuff section? Today I found how Harry Dresden earns extra money:

20 Minutes With a Wizard

If you haven’t read any of my older blogs and don’t know who Harry Dresden is, check out Storm Front.

Heimlich Maneuver

Posted June 9, 2010 By Jandy

While I don’t tweet much, I do follow a few Twitter groups. One of them is the National Library of Medicine tweet.

Today they mentioned that the Heimlich Maneuver was first published in a medical journal in 1974.

1974? Is that all? I thought it was older. By the time I started working in a hospital in 1977 it was a standard practice.

Quote – Timeless Truths

Posted June 8, 2010 By Jandy

“The woA Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porterrld is full of happy people, but no one ever hears of them. You must fight and make a scandal to get into the papers. No one knows about all the happy people.”

A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter, copyright 1909

Today we can expand “papers” to television, internet news, etc. That of course means that I hope I never make the news.

Bookstores – Ten Best

Posted June 4, 2010 By Jandy

We’re used to the mainline Barnes and Noble or Borders bookstores, as well as our favorite used and independent bookstores. Do any of those boast trees, glass ceiling, stained glass windows, winding stairs, or movie theater left overs? Check out:

Top 10 Best Bookstores Around the World

Tomorrow Would Be a Good Day for a Treat

Posted June 3, 2010 By Jandy

Did you know there is a National Doughnut Day? It’s tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll have to stop by the doughnut shop on my way in to work…

Yahoo! Spark article

Doughnut, coffee, and a book? Sounds like breakfast to me.

Librarians Do GaGa

Posted June 1, 2010 By Jandy

My coworker found this at BoingBoing. Enjoy and laugh.

Duh! Headlines

Posted June 1, 2010 By Jandy

TV Promotes Poor Diet, Study Says
Advertised Food Has Way Too Much Sugar, Fat

You mean Fruit Loops or that Carl’s burger or a Sonic shake aren’t good for me???

(The advertisement beside this article was for Popeye’s Bonafide Chicken meal. I doubt that is any better…)