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Duh! Headlines

Posted February 25, 2010 By Jandy

Obama Doubts Gaps Over Healthcare Can Be Bridged

My cynical self says that is no surprise. U.S. healthcare is very complex, then combine that with politics. I don’t know the solution, but I can’t see Congress mandating effective changes.

(When it comes to the government trying to control such a large issue, I don’t have an un-cynical self.)

Locked Room Novel

Posted February 23, 2010 By Jandy

Fantasy in Death by J.D. RobbOoooh, I’m happy. My newest In Death novel, Fantasy in Death arrived today. It’s a locked room mystery. I haven’t read a good locked room story in a while. I hope this one satisfies.

Connie Willis

Posted February 20, 2010 By Jandy

Around 20 years ago I first discovered and got hooked on Connie Willis’ work. I remember the first short stories that impressed me were “Even the Queen” and “The Last Dog in America”. Since then when I come across her work I pick it up. I finally was able to have my book club read her Doomsday Book next month. I also was tickled to see that Nancy Pearl devotes one section of Book Lust to Ms.Willis’ writing.

Her observant eye about people lead me to believe her wit makes her a comfortable sounding author. I quickly felt I would love to have her for a dinner guest to sit and talk. I was we would get along well and have fun visits.

Her newest book Blackout was released this month and she is on a book tour for it. One of her first stops was at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore here in San Diego. I was one of the first people in line and in the front row when she spoke. After listening to her talk, then talking to her twice while I had books signed, I believe that even more now. She’s down to earth and funny.

Connie, do you want to have lunch some time???

Quote for Readers

Posted February 15, 2010 By Jandy

Imperium by Robert HarrisMy sister and I have often said we didn’t want to live a “book” life. Robert Harris’ Imperium is full of great quotes. This one underlines my thoughts on a “book” life:

“…for if you were to ask me: ‘Tiro, why do you choose to skip such a long period in Cicero’s life?’ I should be obliged to reply: ‘Because, my friend, those were happy years, and few subjects make more tedious reading than happiness.'”

I choose that tedious reading life of happiness.

Quote to Ponder

Posted February 13, 2010 By Jandy

“He lived alone, in a small house full of books, and did nothing all day except read and think–a most dangerous occupation for a man, which in my experience leads invariably to dyspepsia and melancholy.”

from Imperium by Robert Harris

Oh, I hope not! If so, I’m in trouble…

—- Check out Aravis’ comment to this. She gave me a great laugh. —-

Anarchy Reigns

Posted February 11, 2010 By Jandy

All of us had to read assigned books in high school and probably college as well. One of those books often given out is Lord of the Flies by William Golding. I always felt fortunate that I never had that book assigned to me. It is one I don’t want to read.

But I just read the story anyway, although it’s a technological, science fiction update with (I believe) more character involvement. Stephen King‘s Under the Dome is another version of the anarchy that can take over when people are cut off and on their own.

Despite it’s length Under the Dome is a well written book and worth reading – if you can take the chills and creeps that are King’s trademarks. It doesn’t descend into horror, but still leaves its mark.

And you know, now more than ever, I don’t want to read Lord of the Flies.