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J.D. Salinger

Posted January 30, 2010 By Jandy

This hermit author died a few days ago. He had quite a cult following. His anti hero Holden Caufield is still admired by disaffected teens. I didn’t read any of Salinger’s books or short stories until I was in my 30’s. I didn’t get his work. I decided I wasn’t the target audience. I found his work esoteric and hard to appreciate for the most part. Occasionally I found a short story or two that I liked, but his work usually left me cold.

I had one irreverent thought when I head he had died – “How do they know? He hid away from everyone.” I guess I don’t understand hermits. One interview showed that Salinger continue to write long after he withdrew from the world. I wonder how long before this work will be published?

What Are the Odds?

Posted January 27, 2010 By Jandy

Last night I picked up four books from the library that I had requested over the past few months. Two of them are new, so there was a longer wait for each. Of course they both came in together and I won’t be able to renew either one because of that wait list. These are what came in:

U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton
Under the Dome by Stephen King
The Unbidden Truth by Kate Wilhelm
Moll Flanders by Daniel DeFoe

How did I manage to get three books whose titles start with “U” all at once?????

Quote for Librarians

Posted January 26, 2010 By Jandy

The Corpse in Oozak's Pond by Charlotte MacLeod“Information is a librarian’s business, dear.” (Helen Shandy)

The Corpse in Oozak’s Pond
by Charlotte MacLeod

That is certainly true!

This Is a Test

Posted January 21, 2010 By Jandy

This is a first for me. I’m trying to blog from a phone. Am I ready to join the 2008 techies a couple years later? I’ll have to try again before I decide…

Artist Moves Saturn’s Rings Around Earth

Posted January 20, 2010 By Jandy

Part of my job has me checking medical headlines from RSS feeds. Occasionally other items slip through, as well, such as this one. Here’s the YouTube video:

I found it at the NPR site. Roy Prol is the artist who envisioned this.

(I could have done without Ave Maria. Surely Prol could have found different music…)

Robert B. Parker

Posted January 19, 2010 By Jandy

This entertaining author of the Spenser, Jesse Stone, and Sunny Randall series died today. I still have a number of his books on Mt. Bookpile, so I’ll still get to enjoy his work.

Thank you, Mr. Parker, for keeping us on our mystery toes.

Robert Parker’s Homepage

Reading Oddities

Posted January 16, 2010 By Jandy

AvatarToday I went to see Avatar – the first weekend Imax wasn’t sold out the day before. I have lots of observations (you who have seen it – unobtainium???) but as I was watching it hit me…

In Avatar greedy humans concerned with the bottom line are trying to get the minerals underground, which will ruin the environment and the natives. I am reading Barbara Kingsolver’s book, The Poisonwood Bible. And the backstory? Greedy humans concerned with the bottom line are trying to get the diamonds from underground, which will ruin the environment and the natives.

I’m Published!

Posted January 12, 2010 By Jandy

Well, sort of…

One publicist regularly sends me advance review copies of new romances. I read one last year that enchanted me – pure romance, no suspense, etc. It is Sherrill Bodine’s Talk of the Town. So I was pleased to see her new novel in the books being published this month, A Black Tie Affair.

Last night I was reading it when I flipped back to the front of the book. I then did something I don’t normally do. I read the snippets of reviews the publisher put in the beginning for Bodine’s previous book. I was surprised to see the fourth quote is from my review on my site. Whoa!

That’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to published in fiction, but I was tickled to see it.

Life Back to Normal

Posted January 11, 2010 By Jandy

Holidays – January 2nd wedding out of town – 3 day all staff meeting in our offices

I think all of the big stuff is done and life will now return to as normal as anything is. It was nice at the out of town wedding because my responsibilities were 1) take snapshots at the rehearsal; 2) attend the wedding and reception; 3) shop; 4) read. Between plane rides and waiting for events, I read 5 books over the weekend. Plus, since I was in Portland, OR, I made sure I visited Powell’s. It’s a good thing I was broke – I only walked out with four books. Then I returned home with a concentrated staff meeting with out of town staff coming in. I was too tired to read in the evenings (or do much besides zone out) so my reading will drop back to normal now.

Last year I did the 999 challenge as you’ve seen. This year I want to read all the books on my borrowed pile (about 20), finish up some series (such as Lydia Chin/Bill Smith by S.J. Rozan or Barbara Holloway by Kate Wilhelm), and pare down Mt. Bookpile. Lazygal can tell you how many books she has on Mt. Bookpile. I’m not sure I want to know. As it is, they overflow 2 bookcases, sigh.

Shree has posted a number of reading challenges. There are two that catch my eye and fit in with the above – Read Your Own Books Challenge and Take Another Chance Challenge

I also have to catch up on my blog reading. I’ve been behind since before Christmas…

Fun Coincidences

Posted January 4, 2010 By Jandy

Suite 606 by J.D. Robb, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langnan, and Mary Kay McComasThis weekend I was in Portland, OR, for a wedding. I stayed at the Embassy Suites, where the reception was held. My room?

Suite 606