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Newborns Look a Lot Alike

Posted November 29, 2007 By Jandy

Yeah, newborns look pretty much the same from one to the next in scrunchiness. Their skin color may be different, some are bald, some have hair, some are smaller or larger, and their heads are usually misshapen from birth. But overall, they look a lot alike. Still, the new one in my life is beautiful – my new granddaughter. I love newborns…

Welcome, Sarah!


Posted November 22, 2007 By Jandy

Here in the United States it’s Thanksgiving – Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I just finished Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Although it wasn’t intentional, the book fits with the holiday. By the end Gilbert has expressed her thanks for her life, friends, and faith. That’s what is important for us at this holiday.

Book Characters

Posted November 12, 2007 By Jandy

Jar City by Arnaldur IndridasonToday James added a comment to one of my earlier blogs. He has read some of the mystery books by the Icelandic author Arnaldur Indriđason and found my reviews. James comments:

Re: the Erlandur mysteries: Have you noticed that Marion Bream is never referred to as he or she?!

He’s right. I don’t remember noticing that when I read Jar City, but I did when reading Silence of the Grave. Who is this shadowy character and friend of Inspector Erlendur? We get used to having relationships explained to us in books except when they are purposefully withheld for some reason until the end. Usually we then find out because it is part of the plot. But occasionally we get these characters that stay in the background, anonymous.

So who is Marion Bream? How does this character affect Erlandur?

Online Book Fair

Posted November 7, 2007 By Jandy

Next week the 2nd annual Online Book Fair is happening at from November 14th through the 16th. I missed it last year, but hope to get in this year. The sponsors, FSB Associates, have provided me with some interesting books in the past. The most recent one I read from them was Plato and a Platypus Walked Into a Bar. They’ve also sent along a couple of the mysteries from the wonderful Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.

Among the online happenings:

    • Free raffles—including 3 free books an hour and one large prize giveaway per day


  • Ongoing Podcasts and author readings by popular authors such as Alan Alda, Kim Edwards and Pulitzer Prize Winner Rick Atkinson.



  • Guest bloggers and reviewers will blog at the fair



  • Forum and discussion groups



  • Reader’s Choice Award for favorite book jacket. Last year’s winner was the mega bestseller, The Thirteenth Tale.



  • Roundtable discussions with topics including How to Get Your Book Published


If nothing else, you’ll get some great reading ideas there.

For those of you who noticed that I live in Southern California – I was fortunate. The fires were within 2 or 3 miles of our home, but we didn’t have any problems. But there are a lot of people who are now homeless until they can rebuild, including families from my church. It brings the television news to life when you’re in the middle of it.