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Autumn Vacation and Fall Colors

Posted October 21, 2007 By Jandy

Last week a few of my family and I flew to Ohio for a family reunion. We had a wonderful time. I had thought that since we were going in October, we would get to see the beautiful colors. Right…

As I sat with one of my many vacation books (I packed 7 but didn’t read them all) looking over the pond in the woods in southern Ohio, I saw a few brown trees but mostly green. When we went to Northeastern Ohio it wasn’t any better. In fact here’s a picture I took overlooking a quiet area of the Cuyahoga River.

On our way to the airport that final morning we started to see some color. It was coming out by the next day. And here’s the picture that was taken about 3 days after we left. Doesn’t it figure?

It was nice to have the chance to read on my vacation. I’ve slowly been adding the reviews to my web pages, along with reviews Molly sent me as well. They’ll all get there eventually. But vacation is over and real life beckons, so once again my time gets pulled many different ways. Right now I’m reading one of the books from the 100 Best Science Fiction list and I swear I can hear the novel calling me…